Flow of AMDC

1st Step: Select outstanding students from engineering universities (or above) in ASEAN countries. 2nd Step: Provide practical training required in the industry through entrusted education at domestic universities (master degree program) ..

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AMDC Relations

The AMDC program consists of 4 entities: ICEP, companies, foreign students, and Korean universities. Each of the four entities enters into a 1:1 agreement with the relevant counterpart. ICE, which is at the center, serves as the core ..

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AMDC Program Operation

AMDC program operates in the form of a specialized graduate school that awards professional degrees, rather than an ordinary graduate school that awards academic degrees, with the characteristic of cultivating experts in various fields of study ..

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About Us

ICEP (International Cooperative Education Program Co.) considers the shortage of engineers in the industrial sector, which poses a national threat, as a major challenge for the sustained growth of South Korea. In order to address this issue fundamentally, ICEP has developed the AMDC program (Asean Master's Degree Course), which will serve as a means to resolve the shortage of engineers in the industry.

The AMDC program aims to provide a sustainable solution to the shortage of engineers by offering specialized training and education to students from ASEAN countries. By implementing this program, ICEP aims to contribute to the development of highly skilled engineers and support the continuous growth of South Korea's industries.

  • Curriculum Operation Support

  • Development of Curriculum Materials

  • Advisory Committee Operation

  • Industry Job Analysis

Our Program

Curriculum Operation Support

The participating companies are responsible for specialized practical training and intern education. They provide industry experts as instructors for job-related training when needed. They also provide educational materials, equipment, and software support when needed.

Curriculum Materials

Participating universities jointly participate in the development of detailed curriculum and related to the jobs analyzed by sector. In particular, to facilitate employment in participating companies after graduation, Engineering & Technology courses (Korean Language in Engineering & Technology) I, II, III, IV are offered every semester.

Advisory Committee Operation

To ensure the organic execution and continuous development of the tasks, AMDC Management Committee (AMC) is formed and operated with the participation of AMDC stakeholders at its core.

Asean Master's Degree Course

AMDC could be the VISION for ICEP, enabling the company's purpose and pursuit of profitability, as well as its contribution to society and the nation.

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