ICEP – Student Roles and Agreements

  • ICEP supports communication between participating students, Korean universities, and participating companies to facilitate the successful completion of the master's degree program by the AMDC program students and their subsequent employment at the participating companies. It also carries out or provides support for various tasks related to agreements and contracts.
  • ICEP supports and manages AMDC program participants based on sincerity and trust until they complete employment contracts with participating companies, acquire a master's degree at a Korean university, and complete the mandatory employment period after graduation.
  • Participating students faithfully complete the AMDC program at the graduate school of a university designated by ICEP, and must meet the graduation requirements for passing TOPIK Level 3 or higher and acquire credits for graduation by major. And, during the mandatory employment period specified in the employment contract signed with the participating company after graduation, they must work based on sincerity and trust.