Company - Student, Contents of agreement

  • Participating companies support (rent) various expenses such as tuition and living expenses until the student receives a master's degree after stable completion of the AMDC program.
  • Participating companies do not discriminate against Korean employees in terms of salary, promotion, welfare benefits, etc. when participating students who have completed the AMDC program work at participating companies, and treat them fairly according to the work performance.
  • Participating companies enhance the professional knowledge of participating students by faithfully guiding them in their major practical training and internships during the AMDC program.
  • Participating students must diligently complete the AMDC program at the graduate school of a university designated by ICEP and must also pass the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) at Level 3 or higher. In addition, they must fulfill the graduation requirements of acquiring major-specific credits.
  • Participating students promise and guarantee that they will participate in the AMDC program based on sincerity and trust and work based on sincerity and trust during the mandatory employment period at participating companies after graduation.