ICEP - Company, Agreement

  • ICEP supports communication and collaborative tasks among participating companies, domestic universities, and students involved in the AMDC program. It also provides support for various agreements or contract-related tasks required between the involved parties.
  • ICEP establishes and operates the AMDC Management Committee (AMC) to secure the public interest, expertise, and effectiveness of this project.
  • ICEP provides relevant information to participating companies after the recruitment of participating students, primary document screening related to admission and employment, and selection of candidates. During the mandatory employment period after graduation, participating students fulfill their employment contracts with participating companies based on sincerity and trust.
  • Participating companies go through procedures such as document screening or interviews related to participating students provided by ICEP, select them as potential recruits, and then sign an “employment contract” with the participating students.
  • Participating companies cooperate in developing the AMDC program for effective program operation of this course, and cooperate in dispatching practical instructors from industries.